Antibacterial fabric masks

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Binh Minh Viet Company Limited - Reputable - top quality - manufacturer of antibacterial fabric mask and anti-epidemic caps.
 Products include:
✥ Fabric masks, health fabric masks, reusable fabric masks, splash-proof fabric masks, etc.
▷ High quality, antibacterial, anti-UV, waterproof
▷ The innermost layer is made of high-grade cotton, absorbing sweat and providing maximum comfort.
▷ The outer layer is manufactured from 100% polyester material to prevent the infection of virus.
▷ Smart design suitable for your face
▷ Can use up to 20 washings.
✥ Anti-epidemic hats, protective anti-splash face shield, fashionable protective cap with shield, etc. We are pleased to serve all large and urgent orders of customers.